The Bone Reader

Hello. I am Ms. Margo, Chippewa Native Indian and Aztec Seer/Clairvoyant/Medium/Advisor. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been receiving visions and dreams of forthcoming events. As a young girl, I would share these with my parents and, inevitably, they would come true.

Let’s Connect.

  • Native Wedding ceremonies
  • Ordained Minister
  • Traditional and nontraditional
  • Dream catcher classes
  • Prayer Dolls
  • Dream Catcher’s
  • Praying Feathers
  • Charcuterie Trays
  • Woodcarvings
  • Paintings
  • Sage Bundles or Loose
  • Traditional Drum Maker 12’
    up to 24’ Prices vary

Public Television Appearances

Episode 209 – Pets and Flowers

Episode 302 – Hearts and Flowers

Ms. Margo- The Bone Reader!

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