The Bone Reader

Ms. Margo

Hello. I am Ms. Margo, 1/2 Chippewa Native Indian 1/4 Ottawa a 1/4 Mayan and Aztec Seer/Clairvoyant/Medium/Advisor. there is ONLY four who are chosen every 100years. I represent the East known as “SEER” from my Clan

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been receiving visions and dreams of forthcoming events. As a young girl, I would share these with my parents and, inevitably, they would come true. Being the chosen one comes with great responsibility’s respect from other earth and others. I work with sacred native American items that are passed down through generations

Being a believer in God and Jesus, I knew that the “GIFT” I was born with is unique and not to be taken lightly. In addition, i am raise catholic and tradtional native teachings.I respect all religions and believe it is imperative to honor everyone’s individual relationship with their God/Creator and to support their spiritual journey.

I am guided by words, images, visions, dreams, dates, names, and numbers. I pick up feelings from the individual I am reading, as well as their friends, family, pets, people from Beyond, Angels, Spirit, and much more. When doing a reading, I use animal bones and stones passed down through generations, a beaver skin and American Indian Tarot Cards. In addition, I also access information by touching objects and people.

The information I provide varies by the individual and their needs, guiding clients through unexpected future events and helping them find missing objects. I am NOT a doctor, but from the feelings I get, I’ve forewarned clients of health situations.

For over 48 years, I have been sharing my gift in countless ways. I was privileged to work with the Birmingham Police, helping to direct them to a woman in a missing person’s case. I’ve done reading for local personalities, including Pistons “Bad Boy” Rick Mahorn and radio hosts J.J. & Lynn, during a leukemia fundraiser.

I am regular motivational speaker, contributor, and frequent special guest for radio outlets, web radio, print publications, and events including:

  • Radio: “As heard on” 15 nation-wide radio stations, including Michigan’s 94.7 WCSX, 105.1 WMGC, 104.7 WKJC, 102.5 WIOG, 96.1 WHNN; Chicago’s 98.3 “The Coast”
  • Web Radio:
  • Print Media: Ferndale Friends Horoscopes
  • Events: Public Motivational Speaker, Annual Body, Mind, Soul Psychic Expo

As I have grown, so has my GIFT. As a result, I am able to offer my services to meet a variety of needs, for both individuals and groups. In addition, I am an ordained minister, licensed by the Universal Life Church Monastery, WA, and have two years’ experience using American Sign Language.