Organic Goat Milk Soap

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GOAT milk is the only milk that is The closest PH balance to our skin and digestive track. It helps with eczema dry skin and psoriasis All soap is organic, made with no lye and no alcohol .. With a hemp base, grapeseed oil, coconut oil ,  avocado oil and Vitamin E . Most herbs are from our garden. I only use essential organic or pure oils NO fragrances (which would have alcohol in it) These homemade organic goat milk soap bars will vary in color and sometimes sizes . The cost $4.00 each or 3 for $10.00. There is a $6.95 flat rate shipping charge in the USA.**(taxes vary)** 

Ordering more then 20 bars  shipping does cost more

**Note when we are at special event/shows prices will vary. This pricing is at a wholesale price**


1) Bear Claw – Rose  Love Rose!! of course this does NOT come with thorns, just pedals from the garden

2) Merry Fresh-Rosemary & Mint-This soap is great for circulation great for scalp and legs

3) Howa-Katcha-Man- Rose, Vanilla, Jasmine, & Lavender-I was surprised to learn that most men will buy rose, jasmine and lavender the most. So I combine it all and added vanilla!! Men Love IT!!

4) Mother Earth Hair- Sweet Grass-This medicinal healing is great for positive ENERGY!!

5) 3 Sisters-Cedar -Sweet Grass & Sage- Healing of 3 sisters is know to wake up the spirits. Sage is releasing negative energy and sweet grass is for positive energy. A great healing soap

6) Sacred Sage-White Deer Sage- Can’t stand the smoke when you light sage? Now you can cleanse all your negative energies a wash away

7) Tall Teepee- Cedar Tangerine & Orange- I love the smell. Added with hydrated tangerines/orange peels with a splash of cedar

8) Miggiwetch- Lemon Grass & Pomegranate-This one i wash my face with and I have washed my hair too with it. Lemongrass is known to help the digestive track. This is very fresh smelling with a small hint of sweetness

9) Calming Spirit-Patchouli-Medicinal healing patchouli is known to help with depression. The smell will help you relax and enjoy life a little bit more

10) Grass Dance- Lemongrass-What else can I say about this it might just make you dance like crazy!  In the shower or even in the car…LOL

11) Sand in Woods-Sandalwood-Medicinal healing is great for calmness and centering self

12) All Nations-Mixed of Surprises-This is mixed with mini surprises that I can’t even tell you all what’s in it. This changes all the time like us!!

13) Calming The River- Lavender & Rose-Lavender is known for calmness and centering yourself. To help you relax with the sweet smell of roses/ Great combination

14) Jazzy Jazz- Jasmine-My cousin had a little white bichon named Jazzy Jazz neddless to say I loved that name and her dog Plus who doesn’t love jasmine!! So I made this soap and ALL THAT JAZZ!!

15) Husband Secret – Relaxing Your Soul (Native Top Secret)_Relaxing your soul. I actually made this soap by mistake I combined two ingredients. A couple I knew came over and they absolutely love the smell. Myself I did not. But it’s actually one of my top sellers. I do not tell anybody what’s in this one !! Tope secret!! Secret Squirrel!!

16) Dream-Katch-Her- Patchouli , Lime & Cucumber-A lady approached me many years ago asking me since I had the soap “Howa-Katcha-Man”if I had one for how to catch a woman? So I came up with this lime is for freshness, cucumber is for energy and Patchouli is for healing

17) Inner Peace-Lavender- This soap with bring you inner peace and calmness

18) S.O.B – “Something O’bout BOB”- Nag Chumpa & Wisteria- I was dating a guy who loved the smell og Nag Chumpa and me Wisteria… Well he broke up with me so I named it S.O.B  (Soap On Body) Well neddless to say he’s now my husband … So now I call it Something O’bout BOB .. he brags about this soap being about him

19) Bridezilla-  Basil and Vanilla-I was watching a cooking show ( something I’m not good at cooking)   Well I was flicking back and forth from Bridezilla and cooking. The chef say cook with Chicken, Basil and vanilla. This is how I came up with this idea. The soap does smell like “Good N Plenty” candy to me. Almost like black licorice

20) She’s Beautiful- Lavender and Lemongrass- Lavender and lemongrass God makes everything beautiful. So God help me make this beautiful soap!!

21) Powwow- Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime-This is Ka-Pow-Shazam wake up good morning POWWOW Time soap!!

22) Healing For Two- Sage & Sweetgrass-What a great combination of adding white deer sage and sweetgrass ringing in positive energy and letting go of negative energy- great balance 

23) Sandy Don’t Nag!- Sandalwood and Nagchumpa- This is self explanatory please don’t Nag about it!

24) Bear In the Woods- Cedar Most women really enjoy the cedar smell of rustic outdoor smell (I wish I could make a campfire smell!!)

25) Face It You’re H.O.T – Honey Oatmeal and Turmeric (helps with rosacea)


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